J.M.W. Turner's "Chichester Canal" at the Tate Gallery, London

Friday, July 27, 2018


I didn't even know it was a word. That's a beautiful feature of our English language especially the American vintage, I'd say: the invention of words. Some of those words still give me trouble (thru instead of through just does not work for me, although it is easier to figure out how to pronounce). But, there it is: rusticalia.

I found rusticalia in a story in Chronogram about funky clothing stores in the Hudson Valley: Vintage Clothing Stores in the Hudson Valley  Your Guide to Rockin' Retro Threads Upstate.

Mystery Spot Antiques: 72 Main Street, Phoenicia, NY 12464.

Its Instagram page describes it as: The Catskills' shrine to clutter. Seven rms packed w/ vintage clothing, vinyl, oddities & Rusticalia.

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