J.M.W. Turner's "Chichester Canal" at the Tate Gallery, London

Friday, May 20, 2016

Stefania Skrabak takes readers to Phoenicia

Today on Go Design Go’s travel guide series, Stefania Skrabak of Art Home Garden takes readers to the Catskills of New York. A small, artsy upstate town, Phoenicia is Stefania’s favorite place to visit for its relaxing, outdoorsy vibe. Read on for her go-to spots to sleep, eat and shop, as well as some “hidden treasures.”

Despite some grammatical and spelling faux pas, it makes for interesting reading.

Phoenicia is more about a feeling then it is a subject or a “to do.” That is what’s inspiring. It’s about being outside and taking inspiration from nature, the river, campfires, cocktails and friends.

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