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Friday, February 7, 2014

Village of Red Hook ‘susceptible to fiscal stress,’ NY Comptroller’s Office says

Story in The Kingston Daily Freeman.

Fifteen villages in New York state, including Red Hook in Northern Dutchess, are under some level of fiscal stress, according to the state Comptroller’s Office. The 15 villages were separated into three categories — “significant stress,” “moderate stress” and “susceptible to fiscal stress.” Red Hook is in the “susceptible” group, the least serious of the three, as is the Orange County village of Goshen.

The four “significant stress” villages were given scores ranging from 65.4 to 86.7 percent, with the higher numbers being worse; the “moderate stress” villages were scored from 57.5 to 64.2 percent; and the “susceptible to fiscal stress” villages had scores ranging from 47.9 to 53.3 percent. Red Hook scored 49.2 percent. Among other villages in the Mid-Hudson, Tivoli scored 36.3 percent. Ellenville scored 24.2, Saugerties scored 15.8, New Paltz scored 14.6, Hunter scored 11.3 and Rhinebeck scored 8.3. None had a score high enough to be included in any of the stress categories.

Online resources:
• The list of New York villages designated as being under some level of fiscal stress can be found at bit.ly/1f1tPVe.

• A complete list of village scores can be viewed at bit.ly/1jkj0Vq.

• A copy of the comptroller’s report on fiscally stressed villages is at bit.ly/1bCLvJd.

• To search for as specific local government’s fiscal stress score, go to bit.ly/1mbt6aM.

• For an overview of DiNapoli’s Fiscal Monitoring System, go to bit.ly/1dtGkMc.

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