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Friday, August 30, 2013

DEP announces $9 million in new streams and creeks improvement projects

NEW YORK – The New York City Department of Environmental Protection announced several stream improvement projects:

  • West Kill at County Route 6 – Lexington, Greene County: $2.4 million for channel relocation and grading; stream bank armoring; road reconstruction; and modifications to the storm drainage system along County Road 6 to address a segment of eroding bank.
  • West Kill at State Route 42 – Lexington, Greene County: $1.7 million for bank stabilization; widening the overly narrow floodplain; vegetating areas of failed slope and other measures to prevent future erosion of the stream channel’s right bank.
  • Stony Clove Creek at Chichester – Shandaken, Ulster County: $1.25 million to stop stream bank failure and reduce turbidity by stabilizing the stream channel.
  • Stony Clove Creek at Warner Creek Confluence – Shandaken, Ulster County: $1.5 million to stop stream bank failures and stream bank erosion.
  • Vly Creek at Fleischmanns – Middletown, Delaware County: $1.3 million to stabilize eroded streambanks and damaged retaining walls.
  • Dry Brook at Arkville Trailer Park – Middletown, Delaware County: $400,000 to stabilize areas of erosion, and the stream bank and flood plain will be reconstructed to their approximate pre-flood locations.
  • Warner Creek – Shandaken, Ulster County: $500,000 to stabilize an eroded hillside and stream bank that has exposed clay, as well as stabilize an actively eroding bank that is threatening Silver Hollow Road.
[emphasis added]

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