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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Early April

Along Stoney Clove Lane tree litter remained as memento of one of the roughest winter storms anyone can remember. Some claim it was the worst snowfall in memory. Tannersville received 80 inches of snow. There was an avalanche at Notch Inn, along Route 214. Clearing snow and making roads passable became the order of the day for several days.

After the snowstorms, after contacting insurance, electric, cable and telephone companies, came the cleanup. Needles and branches and limbs fell from many of the Eastern white pine trees that tower over our roads and yards.

As April started the snow has almost-completely melted. Here and there, in shady spots that received very little sunshine, packs of ice lingered. Some tree breaks loomed as reminders of the power of the winter's storms.

Up at Warner Creek the effects of the winter waters remained. This picture shows the expanded stream bed that the usually-placid stream carved as it roared with the power of an engorged river. And early signs of approaching spring appeared.

Some kept a watch.

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